Matt Brown League

Hyde Park places one team in the Matt Brown League. Play starts the first Friday in November and goes to the second Friday in March. The program is designed for the late comer to hockey who needs a bit more game experience. Some players are dedicated to our Matt Brown team because they aren't ready for the level of travel hockey. Other players on the team are squirts who could use the extra game a week or mites who are learning full ice hockey (offsides).

The Matt Brown team is not a dedicated team, however there could be dedicated players. The team does not get practice ice and the dedicated players would practice with their respective age group (mite/squirt). Hyde Park Youth Hockey feels this additional skate helps players get to the level they need to be at to compete and help them get better.


Mite and Squirt level


Friday nights at 7:00pm or 8:00pm


Alexander S. Bajko Skating Rink.

75 Turtle Pond Pkwy, Hyde Park, MA 02136


None, this is a game only team.


1 game per week.

2023 - 2024

Cost: $0

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