Learn to Play

For children that have developed their skating skills and want to further pursue their dreams of becoming a better hockey player.

This group will be made up of children that have begun to understand basic skating skills and will be working to develop more advanced skills. We will be introducing different techniques during the program such as stopping (in both directions), passing, agility, and edge work. We will work in both a large group as well as in a station setting where we will focus on specific skills. Coaches will typically be working in pairs at the stations, with the children rotating from station to station in groups.

At the Director's discretion players will be broken into teams and will begin to scrimmage each other and teams from other programs.


4-10 years of age and have completed at least one year of Learn to Skate.


The program traditionally begins the first Tuesday of November and runs until early March.


All sessions take place at Alexander S. Bajko Skating Rink.

75 Turtle Pond Pkwy, Hyde Park, MA 02136


Sessions are one hour, three times per week.

Tuesday 7:00pm

Thursday 7:00pm

Saturday 10:00am

Our LTP program depends on a high level of parental involvement - parents are welcomed and encouraged to come on the ice with their child - we have one of the highest regarded skating instructors in New England - Lisa Goodman who will be coaching this season.

Parents wanting to be involved with their child on the ice MUST wear a hockey helmet and skates - you and your player are the future of our program - please get involved to keep our tradition of fun, making life-long friends and highly competitive hockey going!

2023 - 2024

Cost: $400

IMPORTANT: Skaters are required to wear hockey gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, athletic cup/pelvic protector, shin pads, hockey pants, neck guard and helmet with cage or face shield and a mouth guard. Players that do not have all required equipment will not be allowed on the ice.

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