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Online Equipment Swap

Online Equipment Swap

  • Are you in search of FREE equipment?
  • Has your player outgrown their equipment? 
  • Are you new to hockey and looking for affordable equipment? 
  • Is your house overflowing with your players old hockey gear?  
  • Donate your items to the Hyde Park Youth Hockey Family!


Click on the “Add item” link below and upload your equipment, its condition and size to the HP Website.


  1. Skates
  2. Pants
  3. Elbow Pads
  4. Shoulder Pads
  5. Shin Pads
  6. Sticks
  7. Helmets
  8. Goalie Pads

*For protective equipment (such as chest protectors, knee pads, or shin guards), check that padding is intact, fully attached, and not moldy. Make sure any rubber or hard plastic parts are free of cracks or breaks, and that all straps and fasteners are functional and in good condition.

Need Help? Feel free to contact Dante Zamora: dantezamorahpyh@gmail.com  

                                                 *HPYH Only*



by posted 09/02/2021